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LABOR DAY Carryall / Brown Leather

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  • -LABOR DAY/レーバーデイ-
  • 【CARRYALL / キャリーオール】

作業工具や道具入れなどとして使われていたショートハンドルの"TOOL BAG"はもうすでにおなじみのものとなりました。

その TOOL BAG と同年代にわずかながらに作られていたのがハンドルがやや長く、マチも少ない CARRYALL と呼ばれるワーカーの身の回りのものを持ち運ぶためのキャンバス製のトートバッグです。



SIZE:W.450mm, H.330mm(ハンドル含まず), D.120mm
COLOR : BODY/White, BOTTOM/Brown, 
MATERIAL : BODY/LABOR DAY Original Canvas, Bottom/Suede Leather, 



A line of canvas bags for men and women launced infall of 2011.
Vintage work and military inspired bags are made with their original finest canvas materials. Their passion tend to focus on traditional work-bag detailing and truly unique making method.

These double bottom Carryall are made from our original 24oz. cotton canvas & quality suede leather.Handles extending all around as shown. Bags can't fallover and they untilized space more economically than other shape bag. 


•Reinfrced double thick canvas/leather bottom for carrying extra heavy loads.
•Heavy canvas keeps upright while packing.
•Made in Japan

 W.450mm, H.330mm(without handles), D.120mm


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