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PHIGVEL Turtleneck LS Top / Brown

価格 :12,800 円(税込14,080 円)
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  • 【Turtleneck LS Top/タートルネック ロングスリーブ トップ】


Material:100% Cotton
Quality:Made in Japan

[Size36] 着丈 69cm, 袖丈 61cm, 肩幅 50cm, 身幅 51cm
[Size38] 着丈 71.5cm, 袖丈 62cm, 肩幅 51cm, 身幅 52cm
[Size40] 着丈 74cm, 袖丈 63cm, 肩幅 52cm, 身幅 53cm



Making authentic and classic garments and accessories inspired by vintage military, work, and spoting wear.  Importance is placed on careful selection of textiles, useful detailing, and clean silhouettes, resulting in long lasting and dependable goods that look and are timeless.  


•100% Cotton
•Made in Japan

[Size36] Length 69cm, Sleeve 61cm, Shoulder 50cm, Width 51cm
[Size38] Length 71.5cm, Sleeve 62cm, Shoulder 51cm, Width 52cm
[Size40] Length 74cm, Sleeve 63cm, Shoulder 52cm, Width 53cm


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